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About Us

Scot Tanker Holding SA is a newly (2015) established ship owner and manager company. Scot Tanker purchased 8 sister 8250 dwt chemical tankers and aims to be one of the largest chemical tanker-owner companies in Europe in the coming years. After the acquisition of the fleet, ex Wappen names were changed to Scot. Scot Tankers are under the commercial and technical management of Scot Ship Management AS/Istanbul.

 Holding owns 8 single purpose companies (SPCs) and each SPC has one tanker in their assets. Scopes of company’s activities include ship building and ship management. Scot Tankers have chosen the small chemical tanker market as the growth prospects are encouraging and stable, and there are big barriers to entry to this specialized, heavily regulated, less volatile market.

 Scot Tankers are managed by Scot Gemi Isletmeciligi AS, a technical and commercial management company that is willing to specialize in Tanker Management and Operations via operating a young, competitive, certified and efficient fleet to transport petroleum, edible and chemical products.

 Owners are quite experienced in ship building and ship management since 1980s.